The Kreischer Mansion has been standing on the hill overlooking Arthur Kill since 1885.

It was one of two mansions built by German immigrant Balthasar Kreischer for his sons Charles and Edward. 

There are rumours of infidelity, mismanagement, financial troubles and murder that fueled a feud between the brothers: Balthasar, Edward, Edward's wife, their children, and cook, perished in a mysterious fire that destroyed their home.

The remaining Kreischer Mansion was run as a restaurant front to the mafia until 1996.

In 1998 The Kreischer Mansion was bought with the intention of restoration and eventual sale by Isaac Yomtovian. A dark twist of fate came in 2008 when the then caretaker Joe Black was revealed to be a hitman for the Bonnano crime family. He was charged for the brutal murder of a rival mob associate committed three years earlier on the property.

The Kreischer Mansion has been featured on Boardwalk Empire, Gotham, The Bones and other popular Television series.

In 2015 The Kreischer Mansion opened its gates to host an immersive Halloween event in collaboration with Brooklyn's Studio 487 artists, Emily Mcloughlin, Leah Raphael Curtis and Anne Marie O'neill.

The Yomtovian Group remains the proud owner of the landmarked (and potentially haunted) Mansion.

There are many more community events in the works. And we are now offering short term (1-3month) residencies to creative groups.

Please reach out if you are interested in hosting your own event at The Kreischer Mansion.